Dementi, Saw. Heed. Godspeed..

“We would like to inform you that our publication of the poetry collection “The Darkness Will Understand” by Leila Samarrai has been cancelled due to irreconcilable differences in the work method of both the author and the press.
Keep following us for more information about our future publications, as we strive to publish not only excelling written work, but also writers with integrity, respect and patience.”

I just read an obscene post online, Saw. Heed. which, in perfidious way, my name was called out and defiled, where I was publicly named as a writer without integrity etc. Let’s just say that was I, myself, that have canceled this cooperation, and precisely because of their lack of professionalism, because of the way I was “dragged” into the whole story, after, literally, insisting on the fast translation of my poetic work – gratis! (yes, believe it or not!) Then the incident occurred, I can freely say caused by the person with the pseudonym Selena Moonshadow acca Oloriel, in real life her name is Mirjana Miric and due to the crazy, unbalanced communication from her side. After that I realized with what kind of person I’m dealing with and I did not want to continue this cooperation. I would rightfully could speak about their integrity, morals and patience. I dread if I jeopardize my work somehow and to whom I have entrusted it! But, it’ll take care of that by myself. There are institutions and institutions for the protection of such entities.




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