Incompetent or He Cannot Be Trusted

A man paints portraits in glass.
He owns the license for that given by censorship organization for glass cutters
While he paints, he needs a light, So he plays with the chandelier.
The Chandelier shoots and cuts him by hand
A man goes to the hospital where his arm gets rebandaged, with suspicious glances…
-Is it really so?
-Are you depressed lately?
-Why don’t you talk with our expert Staklarević?
He explained the situation but he was not believed.
image found here
While they writhed his hand, doctors have looked at each other with worried glances.
While he was writhed, he heard a muffled titter of nurses.
The man was collapsing, because they declared him insane.
They opened his medical records and took away his license.
He ended up as a monk in one of the modern monasteries.

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