The Sermon on the Mount, author: Leila Samarrai, The Adventures Of Boris K.”, part two

Boris K. warned about false conversions during his Crucifixion hereinafter of his adventures “The Adventures Of Boris K.”, part two

Blessed are the poor in mind for they shall get the degree of the public university!
Blessed are those who already eat for they shall be fed!
Blessed are the rich for they will get a bail!
Blessed are those with dirty imagination for they will see the action!
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will take care of us all!
Blessed are the persecuted for they will inherit the free parcels of land!
Rejoice, you shall be rewarded in heaven, but the award is an overeating at the expense of the corporate expense now and immediately in forever and ever. Amen!

Boris K.


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