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Who am I?

Who am I?
Full name Lejla Samaraj Mehdi (Mehdi Leila Samarrai)
Born on 19 October 1976 (39 yrs.)
Place of birth: Kragujevac, Serbia, Yugoslavia
She studied Spanish language and Hispanic literature. She made her debut in 2002, winning the competition for the first book of the Student Cultural Centre in Kragujevac. In addition to the Serbian language, the less works are published in Hungarian and Spanish. She lives and works in Belgrade.
Greater achievements:
The Darkness Will Understand (collection of poems), Student Cultural Center, Kragujevac. 2002. ISBN 978-86-7398-010-2.
The Dolls (drama play), a library of “Contemporary Serbian drama” electronic edition, Project Rastko, 2009
The Adventures of Boris K. (story collection), “Everest media”, Belgrade. 2013. ISBN 978-86-7756-028-7.
Shorter acts:
She published stories in a journal “The shortest parable”(” Alma”, 2010) and in magazines “Quarter”, “Mons Aureus”, “Rhinoceros” and “Steps”, in printed form
Her prose works, poetry and aphorisms were published in electronic form within the more specialized websites: “Project – the Library of Serbian Culture”, “Balkan Literary Gazette,” “The Creative People Network”, “Belegbg”, “Jovo Nikolic”, “Rhinoceros “,”Zetna”,”Afirmator”,”Helly Cherry”, and others.
Awards and recognitions
– won third place as a representative of Serbia for aphorism “Stars and us” on the Beleg competition
– won three awards on the story competition “3-5-7” as a part of the “Helly Cherry” competition
– “The Darkness Will Understand”, book of poetry, “The Firstborn Edition”, Student Cultural Center, first prize winner
– won three awards in the competition “357 – A story in moment”, Belgrade, 2011.
– won third place for a fantastic aphorism “Stars and us”, 2011 (as a representative of Serbia)
-won third place in the competition of “Beleg” for short fantastic story, 2011.
(source: Wikipedia)

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