aphorism, proza

“The pigs have flown. Now what?”, Leila Samarrai “Aphorisms and Maxims”

“The pigs have flown. Now what?”
(The serbian equivalent for this proverb is: “When willows bear grapes”.)

“A tip for a writer during the creation of a masterpiece:
Turn your brain off and write”.

“Wherever you find yourself in Serbia, you always will be on the crime scene.”

“It’s hard for me to decide – said a necrophiliac.- Today we do not know who is alive and who is dead.”

“Hope dies last. The poor are the ones who has mother – in – low under that name.

(*”Hope” is the English equivalent for the Serbian common female name “Nada”. )

Was not enough deceptions under the Troy?

“Thank God I am an atheist”

“Finally, the white days have broken. We are covered in snow”



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