The remedies for mental illnesses: Dr Boris K.

Dr Boris K.Schizophrenia – It is strongly recommended to hire the actors to change into characters who live in a particular body.
Then the imaginary personas will be replaced by them. When that happens, the actors will leave, one by one, and schizophrenic, without the actors who play doubles, remains alone with himself. CURED.

Paranoia– It is higly recommended to hire a few people that will systematically monitor the paranoiac and he will believe someone is following him. The environment believes him, too. When the persecutors, who they are not, are arrested, then the paranoiac says to people: – They have been chasing me, but not anymore! I am happy now.
Then, he goes his way, completely non – paranoid.


image found here

Obsessive -compulsive – disorder – It is higly recommended to lock the compulsive patient with some disgusting people, anal volcanoes with accoustic asses who fart, poke their noses or even something more repulsive. He is so disgusted with them so he immediately gives up his obsession. 


Psychopathia – It is higly recommended to bring together five thousand people who will gladly offer themselves to a psychopath to torment them. He will experience such a shock that he would lose every desire to harass anybody, anymore.

Exhibitionism – It is higly recommended for the exhibitionist to stand in front a mirror that makes his penis or female breasts to the microscopic size.
CURED within an hour.


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