aphorism, proza

Thank God I’m an atheist. “The Pigs Have Flown, Now What?”, 2014

Thank God I’m an atheist.

Dante, Hell is in the wrong direction.

Peace in the heart is the salvation from demons.

I am buying love.
VAT excluded.

All I need in life are love, prayers and financial support.

Give me the truth and beauty! I will ruin them all.

Beautiful women are walking through the city. Ugly one and through the city and through the rain and through all storms.

And death has a secret hiding place.

Screw a country full of pigs in which I am eager for meat.

The truth about ourselves we always find on the surface.

The only way for forgiveness is the path which remains walkable for others, too.

A man remembers if he will, but a man forgets if he can.

Constantly invoking the memories recalls oblivion.

Culture is not for trade!

One guest for three days as well as one wisdom in an hour.

In focus of the lens, which gathereth the sun’s rays, the light is converted into a fire, the fire ignites, and flame quenches thirst of the avenger as water extinguishes the fire.

Yes, good people, can find fulfillment and purpose through love, warmth and sentimentality.

God bless, the devil said

People believe that there is no difference between intelligence and wisdom. I can not agree with that, because I have met a lot of intelligent cretin in my life, but I have never met the smart moron.

I know a man who believes he is intelligent enough to be able to afford the luxury of becoming a cynic.


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