horror, poetry



I am watching the sea that I will never see
In this accursed hamlet,
I describe the sluggish steps of Kings
sneaking by palaces at Samarra
Which will never whisper
I recognize the images of distant landscapes
in the verse that does not unveil itself to me
There is no nature in poetry
she is sick of the three pens and mangled alphabet.
Her belly is swollen
There is no promised land to continue towards
on one’s pilgrimage
I am dust, bloated and greedy

With this departure from the country of poetry, with a smile of a crying child
answer me, chimera that glides between my rows and my trenches
Be honest, the deep illusion with elephant diphtheria and malignant disease
three lines before the end of.. this, before your affluence rots
and your garments are devoured by moths, INTER NOS,
is it possible for anything to be minisculeto dust?


Veni at me… sed wicked… Climax non est!





2 thoughts on “10

    • Thank you for good question. I believe it appeared to be put randomly., to mark the part of the poem etc.. but it is more than that.
      In mythology, the number 10 is in the description of monsters similar to chimera as a symbol of the supreme empire of evil. But my reason to mark the conversation of a mortal woman with himera with n0 10 (in parallel with the symbolism of the dragon and Woman of The Apocalypse, in Book Of Revelation is this:
      Ten meaning what is complete or ultimate in human experience, apart from his usual pythagorean symbolism of perfection.


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