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Please, comment, I do not bite… or maybe I do.

I noticed that no one comment on my poems. Even poems in Serbian have likes, some bots are “like – ing” them, too, I believe, because of the photos, because I bet on my life you do not speak Serbian.

You have the right not to like someone else’s poem or story etc, you have the right not to understand it, you have a right to think that it is wrong translated. You have the right to do and think whatever you want. But, I want to express my point of view. First of all, this is LITERARY blog. Second: I speak two worldwide languages and communication with me is possible. Furthermore, this site is not intended for lovers of photography. I was hoping that there will be people who will appreciate my literary efforts, ie writing, not to mention my translating…

Although I’m not a translator, wishing you to understand my writings, although translating poetry requires experience and it is a very delicate matter, because I knew that few people know mother tongue of Novak Djokovic, more precisely, Serbian, furthermore: I am aware of the fact that English, after China, is the most common language on the Internet, thus I wanted to translate my work all alone without a professional translator who really I can not afford.

To speak a language is one thing, to translate sensitive artistic material without the betrayal of the original is something else entirely.

If you think only about photos, fine, I will continue to translate for myself, call it a practice.. , but I want to know that I have readers on this blog. Or not. Also, I greet all who sincerely are following my writings.


7 thoughts on “Please, comment, I do not bite… or maybe I do.

  1. A Country boy says:

    I do read your posts, but am often left speechless, I just finished reading your poem about rape, it was a tough read for me because yes, yes I have been raped , once as a very young child , around 5 or 6 yrs old , then again at 17 ,and again at 26 , i don’t always have lots to say, or even the right words , i am not a writer, i am not gifted like you , that was a very well written poem 🙂 i am actually dyslexic and it takes me a good long while to write a response , but i will try harder to respond 🙂


    • A Country boy, thank you so much for your response on this subject.
      I understand your reasons.
      Also, I will say very openly that I was sexually assaulted when I was 18 years old, and I’ve found the words to “depict” the horror I suffered 21 years later.
      I want to say to everyone who had the same experience.
      If they punch you in the stomach, hit them back, twice harder – using words, pictures, sounds, colors, an artistic texture. You see, it is possible …
      If you can not fight back in this way, do not remain silent.
      Expose the perpetrators in this or that way, no matter what.
      Mahatma Gandhi gives advice on how we should be faithful to the truth, whatever the cost, and the Artist is a servant of the Truth.
      If we reject percentage of vanity imply, maybe that is why every artist, writer is striving for feedback.
      Writing is a job, to be a writer is a reward, someone said.
      My wish is that the reading of poems in English or Spanish is enjoyable and also the correspondence to the original.
      Thus, I just wanted to know whether I am on the “right track” because I do not have an innate English language competence working alone, sometimes I cannot translate serbian idioms. well.. etc, but all the mistakes indeed I can correct through dedicated work and effort.

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  2. Reblogged this on O LADO ESCURO DA LUA and commented:
    I liked your article. I believe it has been motivated by my reposting. I think we should all read everything we post. Feel what the writer wants to say at that moment, at that time. We can not automate everything. We have to experience the pain, joy, doubt. I hope I have given good reasons why you wrote this. Happy to live with sincere and intelligent people like you. Brazilian hugs. anisio


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