“non – loving” poetry”

I am always concerned about “editing” my poems because English is not my native tongue and I want to be sure the message is conveyed. But, now I will talk about the other thing inspired by the comment of a colleague of mine, on my narrative poem, in fact, I put some my “angry” poems there and thus I called it: ANGRY POEMS.My collegue liked it and said to me in the comment fb section:
“A great work.The wording a vast ocean .Ocean of thoughts,and feelings.A whole world to swimm in its glimpse”
And then I had the urge to open my chest (not literally..) and to say what I think about “non – loving” poetry”.
Here is my reply and this is where I stand:
People in general, do not like anything that is “dark” or “angrily”, but my position is clear: people wary of poets because the poet reveals the truth about this world. if he manages to do so in an aesthetic way, for me it is the poetry … One can not always write about the Polish flowers and daisies. The most important thing for the poet is not pander to the taste of a wide readership in order to be “loved”. The poet should remain true to himself, whatever his material may be, whatever his obsession may be, whatever his “madness” may be, because the most unfortunate people and the most unsuccesful writers are those who care what others think of them.

7 thoughts on ““non – loving” poetry”

    • Poetry is not a morality but it should be a veracity and no – falsification of all that is torturing a passionate poet.
      It should be “violent”, to shed light on good and evil in man.
      From that mankind can only benefit. science, in particular.
      But theorizing about poetry cannot compensate a trance state in which the poet is when his arm is moving around paper, guided by the dictates of incomprehensible in his soul.
      I can not, I personally, with the poetic language to justify what my mind chooses to be my material.
      To sult in tremendous pace of inspiration even if my poems and stories give the impression of non – completeness, that is my credo.

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  1. Sorry, my English is making me some problems.
    Instead of “justify”, I meant to say that I have never been satisfied with “results” when I tried using poetical language to explain what my mind chooses to be my material.


  2. Dejan F. says:

    Leila, your poetry, as well as your prose, is…disturbing.

    And, it`s a good thing.

    I mean, when I read I expect and need to be disturbed, and moved to some other `level of existance`.

    Keep up the good work, and I`ll follow.

    Oh, and yes – previous posts, the `excerpts`, are just great!


    • I’ve always felt that the task of literature is to upset people and to remind them of everything that harasses them. As David Foster Wallace has said — ‘Good fiction’s job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.’ On the dot, Dejan. Thank you so much! I will do my best to tell a good story!


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