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Some questions for followers of my blog


1. There is a fine line between debate and boycott by the publisher dressed in a plaid shirt) which seems pretty illogical and nasty “move”, during the promotion of the book.
The publisher is limiting his “discourse” or his perception of my book “The Advantures Of Boris K. He is focusing his discourse exclusively on daily satire from newspaper colums and Boris K. is far away of that thus showing he doesn’t get the book he chose to publish (free of charge due to its quality) at all.
Also, he is emphasizing that I am someone who is trying to get a big breakthrough in Serbia 🙂 by writing satire but also that this is wrong “move” because I am an unknown writer – which is not true, at least not in Serbia… I am represented in Serbian Wikipedia and I also published a book of poetry, winning the first prize and thus publishing that book of poetry that got reissued (my book of poetry “The Darkness Will Understand” is digitally republished 10 years after her printing debut)
Also, I won some prizes for aphorisms, you can check my literary CV and I am preparing the publishing of the medieval – history – nordic – horror saga etc.
Also, the Publisher asks in public, in the book promotion – Who is going to read your book?
I am putting all this talking because I want to reevaluate my beliefs. Do you, like me, find, the publisher’s behavior strange?
Not to mention a violation of copyright after… In Serbia, it is something like “good morning sunshine”…

2. do you agree that the writer, idest, little me (the one’t that is talking constantly 🙂 managed to pull out promotion of such banality with the point that the artist is not some computed, calculated artisan who will care only how to sneak his hero in some kind of genre “that is not worth it in terms of money and selling” but acts according to his/her instincts? His teasing I need to write horror in accordance with my horror life I can explain only by the fact that I was and I am a victim of mobbing in Serbia, consequently the sequence of events which is long and quite a different story but I will fight for a breakthrough on the foreign market.
3. Boris K, also is a multilayered piece and fantasy satire painted in some sort of subversion criticing society, an absurd fantasy satire with, even, some elements of surrealism.boris-k


4. Do you want to read some Boris K. english – translated stories to make your opinion and impression? I would be glad to hear your opinion.

5. I am sorry for the bad snapshot (recording) Medias are boycotting, generally, all writers who don’t write cheap literature engulfing them with euros. I am also sorry for maybe bad subtitles, made by a Russian who doesn’t know a word of Serbian 🙂 but I am hoping you will manage to understand the point. Thank you.


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