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“Uspavana Matilde”, roman, Leila Samarrai, “Sleeping Mathilde”, published!

Moja novela “Uspavana Matilde” počela je da, u odlomcima, izlazi u Časopisu “Kult”. Zahvaljujem se Časopisu “Kult” na profesionalnosti i divnoj saradnji. Uživajte!

My long expected novel “Sleeping Mathilde”, finally published in Serbian magazine KULT. (it will go in chapters…)

I would like to say thanks to magazine KULT for their professionalism and wonderful collaboration.


The closest video I could find to reflect the tone, mood and atmosfere in “Sleeping Mathilde”. p.s It has nothing to do with “Camelot”, make no mistake. This story is more cruel, more passionate and there will be some vampires, there… The story is set in 13 century, in northernmost point of early medieval Sweden, in highly isolated Norbotten. It is a story (amongst other things) about very interesting woman who… You will read it in English, soon, so you will see.


She would be perfect for the role of Mathilde. 

Full cast & crew:

Mathilde: Eva Green
Örjan (OErjan)- James Purefoy
Olov – Kevin McKidd
Hjalmar – Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Hilda – Kathy Bates
Johanna – Helen McRory
Leticia – Gabriella Wilde
Agnes – Amanda Seyfried
Umar, arabian sorcerer- Alexander Siddig or Jason Momoa

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