Breaking news

I wrote a terrible poem. Always is like that when I want to write something optimistic .. I’d better get my attention on my bloody diaries about midgets

“yeah.. we ALL read it. I read it last night.. nah… very bad. ugly!”, Eva Green
“hahahaha, bitch.”, Angelique Bouchard
“Sans commentaires”, Isabelle Adjani
“I can do that”, Angelina Jolie

13 thoughts on “Breaking news

      • Well, My blog is not promoted, so that I get basically very little “likes”, very few comments, moreover, very rare, also I don’t have acquaintances and etc. that would give me support on a friendly or kinship basis and I am very lonesome in creating my literary blog which I like, sort of.. because I want the quality of my poems “choose” my readership and viceversa, but I have also noted that the general lack of interest is presented.. maybe because I’m from Serbia, I do not know. Therefore, the reaction of the readership or the absence of the same can be tricky. But somehow I feel that I have failed regarding to the composition of specific poem, maybe more of them, which I will try to fix in the future. Thank you for your encouragement. It is interesting to me (and funny) that some people from the country where I currently reside (Serbia) come forward only when I am “in trouble” 🙂

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      • Don’t worry everything takes time. We have to be patient. I don’t think it has anything to do with where you are from. Is Serbia somewhere in Europe? I thought myself that my posts were boring but the amount of encouragement and praise I got from fellow bloggers was incredible. Anything is possible. And I am sure you will always find acquaintances over here 😊😄😊


      • I am aware of the fact this is not nice choice of words coming from a sophisticated writer/soul, but – Belgrade sucks – bathed in gold, minorities live like kings (mostly war profiteers), but most people barely make ends meet. Well, I am older than you so maybe they are taking me too seriously 🙂 The most important thing is poetry/literature, that is why I am keeping updating and posting my works.

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      • Of course – through both mine novels and novels of classic authors/poetry/prose/drama plays, you name the genre, I’ve traveled epochs, without moving from one spot. I like to dislocate both epoch and humans.

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