Shopping Mall

Stack on a hanger next to each other

Skintight heads, throbbing with pain

In hangman’s loop are warmly tucked

A memorial plaque burst into tears

Madmen wailing over it

Soft is crystal glass from which

Reflexions are pouring down

Reflexions of the consumers

Aglow with a fervent rumour

The shop window turned its back

Its cheek cheeky and superior

For this vaguish market longing

And a couple of known guests

Head winked to the executioner

For today enough, let’s rest

But East from Eden, there’s a sign :

Clearance sale! Alas, roaring


There’s no line

Street dogs hustling in the shrine

Crystal mechanisms drool

Dripping from them mirrors are

Is that loony or a fool

Narcissus that lost ideals

Pooches running to the shelving

That is, it seems, never ending…

Fields of boots and shirts lie there

Clock is ticking

One more second

Unsuspected revolutions

Until the final closing

Even pigs are crying now.



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