My calm (at long last) mine.


 My calm (at long last) mine.

Fearing, I embraced the feet of an ignis fatuus
terrified, I butterflew an apparition’s bosom
engulfed by stone knivery

Lo, rascaldom
lurking lightly, gazing scoundrelaxedly
multiplied deception is built out of perspiration

Lo, a countenance of tears
bear witness at length of the weep
behold a tattered redeeming herz

I am the Aeolian echo in the wind
I am the Logos tucked away under the tongue
I am the first things that had joined the choir invisible

I am yelling in rags aflame
A wiggly wiggler wiggles onward
Circuitous, I am hoppingeniously hopping
from one scream to another
Sleep hasleep ASLEEP!
O holy night of offense.

The boogeymanly boogeymentals are-a-comin’
and momma ain’t here.
in a dream, a butterfly–winged woman,
flickering in a hitherculean manner
hitherto hither, saying:
Fair winds, o daughterror…
O, what a phenomenonsense!

(the poet is moving across the field of vision…)

I, the Nymphet in the bud,
the Goddess of the dreadful Hymen
an unloved goat-nymph
the envy of all Hellenic islets
lulling betwixt the crests
of the couple of mad waves
inhabited by the covetous
sweat driblets of my restlessness
pouring from my voluptuous thighs
I was caressed by butterfly shadows
entangled in the lux
fleeting as an emotion
my breasts smashed among the covetous crags
my womb became a satchel of acrimony

I was raised a wild one among the lunatics,
a tabula rasa with madness scribbled on it.
Howls of animus heard when the seminal
river breaks beneath the gibbous moon
below the navel where milky pearls
drip into deluges of steamy rivulets
below the eyebrow where the fears
woundingly drip into the eyes of undulant sadness
Très tremendous!
My calm (at long last) mine.