Doubting Thomas, “The Darkness Will Understand”, Leila Samarrai



Is it true Doubting Thomas
That they told him:

For your possession
From thine mouth you win a right
While your day is dieing

And he

Condemned to circumstances in verve
Becomes everyone who supports him
Far away from the roads that gnaw on non believers

And he

Does not answer to the first word,
not even on the second he speaks
Only on the third humbly and considerately

And he

Knows this life is for the dead
And not for the living
Not even the wall blasphemes

And he

Begs for the transparent innocence with eyes of balm
And accomplishment of the desolate

And he

Even cares not to be returned among the people
Learning in prayer

Still one thing I do not believe you
I do not believe you saint Thomas
That comfort is not sufficient
Invented in the shape of a woman