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American Dream Team

PAPA’S LETTER: (written in Serbian) ja sam ti rekao pre da treba prvo raditi da bi sakupila pare za put , ja bih voleo da radis u Ttripoli a nije tesko naci posao u Tripoliju jer ti si intelektualac i brzo ces naci posao ako budes na licu mesta kao sto kaze Tanvir , a isto tako ti ces biti blizu mene da ti pazim iako iz Benghazi ide se u Tripoli avionom ( jedan sat avionom ) ali to nije tesko za mene . WRITTEN IN May 31, 2010, in Benghazi 
ME: Sad cu da zovem Surcin i da pitam koliko kosta put za Tripoli i Bengazi i da li mogu da putujem sa plavim pasosem, da pitram u Libijskoj ambasadi.
I da, sve dokumente moram da menjam u Kragujevcu, a to je procedura, jer svi sad menjaju pasose i 2 meseca kazu da se ceka!

But there she pops into father – daughter long – awaited reunion, after 30 years, right on the dot with this:…


:stickeeeeeer!: bum. bum. BUM! Bang?

Hillary Clinton bears more responsibility for the ill-fated war on Libya than anyone else. Even Barack Obama has admitted it was a colossal mistake. The war has turned Libya into a prosperous state where terrorists were jailed into a failed state where competing groups of Islamic terrorists run the show. The war did not have authorisation by the United Nations


Not content with destroying Libya as a nation, Hillary Clinton’s woeful and questionably premeditated lack of security at the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, one of the most violent cities not just in Libya but the world….


Do you have comment? I do. Oh, yes, and: how long can you endure watching directly in the eyes of the evil without even feeling uncomfortable but ready to fight? I put this picture od this “female” demon for the sake of practice…


Saddam Hussein (I’ve never met my father because of the Iraq – Iran war (1980 – 1988) I was only 2 years old when he went to war) DEAD. Slobodan Miloševic (I think the explanation is not necessary…) DEAD, and the bombing of Serbia by the United States in 1999, the then American President Bill Clinton). The Lost opportunity to work with my uncle, a plastic surgeon at the hospital in Dubai, in 2002, due to the Gulf War, when the Ground and Air battles were fought in Kuwait, Iraq and the border areas of Saudi Arabia.
President of America was George W. Bush back then.) Hillary Clinton – – the aforementioned “project Benghazi,” for which I have not met my father after 30 years, when we got in touch, accidentally, via internet, in 2010. Maybe he is dead now…) Here’s the”dream – team”.


Still alive.


Still alive.

Now I am stucked here in Serbia and I am watching this. Prime minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić. Very sad. Tragic, indeed. Those that don’t understand Serbian, just turn off the sound and watch his facial expressions…

A little digression: In March 2016, I was an important part of the poetical project POETRY AGAINST TERROR, I wrote reviews and a poem – A tribute to the victims of terrorism in France. Kindle Edition: 64 Poets from 43 different countries.

I emphatise with French victims. In fact, I adore France. She is a part of my cultural european heritage and holds a special place in my heart. But, are some human lives more valuable than others?

I state that its hypocritism. Where are the poetical tributers for the children in Aleppo?, in Iraq, Lybia, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia…





8 thoughts on “American Dream Team

  1. Leila, I am very sorry for your losses and separation. I was able to put your letters in google translate to English so I could read them. It is devastating. As an American I am ashamed of this government ( I do not call it my own.) It has attempted to destroy not only foreign states, but the United States itself, by crashing our economy and crippling us with the monetary, physical and spiritual cost of war. We look forward to better times with our new president elect who has promised (and is indeed in the process of) draining the malignant swamp they have created!!! Peace & Happy New Year 🙂


    • Thank you for your empathy, Christine. It is devastating, yes and I have the need to say that, *of course, I am and I have always been making difference between American citizens from the catastrophic actions of their government. That same can be said for Serbia and for many other countries.

      What I think: I would not vote for Trump – if I was an American citizen, but I would certainly support him in this fight just to remove Killary from political scene, if there were no other candidates.
      Killary was a bad candidate not only because she is part of the “establishment”, but also because she is effectively the war criminal and a criminal in general, psychopath, in my opinion, also, American voters felt “tiredness” of Obama’s current policies, the world is still not recovered from the collapse of 2008, and so on.

      The victory of the conservative candidate was enabled by the well-off middle class for the sake of maintaining their own class and status position. This kind of politics is in its interest. On the other hand, the working class again kept aside refusing to play with show cards…
      The middle class was also subjected to economic and existential pressures arising from the American neoliberal globalization politics. In other words, a potential downward vertical mobility – ie a realistic fear of falling down on the social ladder – almost certainly has been an important driving force for this voting behavior and it is not too intelligent to write off such a fear which is generally a fertile ground for progressive, emancipatory politics.

      Trump’s victory, of course, is no reason for any optimism – there will be large and heavy fight ahead for American progressive social forces against not only his politics, but also politics of deeply conservative Republican elites behind him and now they hold the majority in both houses of Congress, as well as white nationalists, the KKK and other gangsters.
      However, while the “bad” thing is that Trump has won, the”good” thing is that Killary has lost.
      Happy New Year and peace throughout the world!

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      • Yes… this will be a long haul. I am optimistic about Trump (although I have NEVER been what anyone would call a ‘conservative’!) Our ne0-conservatives and our neo-liberals are basically out to destroy the entire world through globalism. They have somewhat succeeded. Killary would have been a disaster. I do like Trump! I must say the ‘media’ paints him in a certain way (xenophobe, racist, homophobe etc.) which I do not believe is true. The problem with America is they love to divide everything. You are either entirely ‘one’ thing, or ‘another’. But of course, people are more complex than that. We are now a country divided. The government loves this, people fighting over ‘ideals’ — because the government KNOWS a house divided will fall. The government wants to see us fall so they can create an oligarchy and keep the entire world in oppression. But We the People shall resist!! At any rate, there is now much chance for opportunity and change.
        Peace and Bright Blessings 🙂


      • This is very important issue for Europe and for the rest of the world, too. First of all, in my opinion, The United States selections have shown that marketing can no longer be a tool of political integration of social groups in the political process. (otherwise, Killary Clinton would be president of the USA)
        U.S. A political orientation is shaping political streams in the world.
        Also, Trump’s victory leads to the possible change of the Russian-American relations, with undoubtedly the continued strengthening of the right wing in the Europe, which could be a sign of the “conservative hegemony” 😀 that will overcome the Cold War divisions.
        The dominance of the right wing in Eastern Europe (Russia does not need a special mention), success of Le Pen in France (her nickname is The Devil’s Daughter 😀 ) and the Alternative for Germany in Germany, the weakening of leftist governments in Latin America – all of these are already enough signs of a potential imposition of right wing hegemony on the world level. 😀 However, it remains to be seen whether and how to reconcile objectively conflicting interests of all parties involved, even if it comes to that hegemony.
        Within the United States, a certain sign of success not only for Trump, but also for the American “alternative right wing”, and therefore for all who are under skirts of the “new right wing hegemony” will be the construction of the wall on the Mexican border. The only question is whether it will be progressive left political formations that will be able to say to Trump, as once Reagan told to Gorbachev: “Tear down that wall.”
        But for now, I am happy that evil witch Killary is laughing madly in her personal hell.
        Time will tell…

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      • Yes — I am glad that marketing/ celebrity culture did not determine our winner in the election. Money always talks, but Trump spent less that Killary. Still it is rather disturbing that in this so-called ‘Democracy’ only certain individuals have the ability to get elected and the first thing they must be is RICH.(or have rich backers.) Lots of changes will come… I would love to see better US/ Russia relations (although the Obama administration will do its best to get us in a war before Jan. 20th.) Alt-Right has been growing here too, for many years. I don’t know what will happen with that Wall — we already have some walls down there, but he is of course concerned about illegal immigration. (A whole other issue with the socioeconomic and political situation in Mexico.) But yes time will tell. Many Americans do not realize how dangerous it would have been, had Killary been elected.

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      • In the recorded history of human civilization there was always some empires – Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, Turkey, France, United Kingdom.
        Today, it is the United States.
        Likewise, the common people never dealt with the state politics, but only the landlords.
        The dynastic principle of inheritance gave the nobility (establishment) longer life, too.
        The natural division of people on the “powerful” robbing other people by force and “poor” that have to work for more powerful – is as old as human society.
        All other divisions – the nations, country, religion – are made by the landlords.
        Trump has promised his voters that he will raise a wall on the Mexican-American border but the idea was met with sharp resistance. However, if you put the criticism aside,
        I wonder if this wall is even possible to be built on more than 2000 km long border and how would it look like?
        The construction of the project would take nearly two decades and would cost a lot … xyz billions of dollars, likewise, there is the mountain range that is located on the stretch where the wall should be built, I wonder how will Trump solve that problem? 🙂

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      • It is true that historically the common people have never dealt in depth with politics — but now, in my opinion, the internet has made it possible for us to get more involved. Blood lines and inheritance are everything. Most Americans would be shocked to learn that all our presidents (Trump, Obama and Hillary included!) actually share a bloodline that dates back to kings of Medieval England. It is made to look ‘Democratic’, but it is actually a disguised royalty… the money and power has been hidden in the same families for centuries. That being said, I am still hopeful and grateful that at least now information is more available to us.

        The Wall is problematic in many ways. Rather than going for the ‘Berlin example’, he could choose to build something smaller and tighten borders with actual true military… we have lax border patrol with many on the take. It is no secret that America’s elite love our lax immigration because they can hire cheap labor and keep people enslaved. However, I still maintain that Mexico should be doing more for her people — fix their own economic problems so their people will not be so eager to risk their lives jumping borders.
        By the way, Leila, it is a pleasure to have an intelligent political discussion with you! 🙂

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      • haha, I know. In fact, Donald and Killary are actually related. :))) Also, their ancestors were notorious villains. So, keeping it in the family, then 🙂 But, wise man said: “Killary’s kingdoms for a goat”. 🙂 I am very pleased that I can say the same for our discussion, Christine.

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