Happy Birthday, Eva Green!

Metaphorical, picturesque written saga about personal demons, through the prism of the monsters of British and Irish fantasy in the dark, dirty, mysterious, dangerous, exciting, poetic and exceptional way, with a phenomenal atmosphere… but, “Penny Dreadful” is much more than that.
Eva Green has completely nailed her role. Transformations through which she has gone through are completely incredible showing her exceptional acting talent.
On several occasions, her performance was completely astonishing and if there was an Oscar for the main female role in the series, she would be without competition.

poetry, poezija

POUR EVE, Dedicated to Eva Gaëlle Green (Gren), Leila Samarrai

Dedicated to Eva Gaëlle Green (Gren)

We the odd ones
We the selfsame ones
We are both
An ugly, broken thing.

Loosen the grip, o shocked goddess
femme recherché
Tis all in the foam
In thine shell

Adam’s member
is a snake which
sheds its skin
a maggot in a pink apple

I water the rage
With soft, tricked tears
Don’t cast your pearls
Before the phalluses

I depart for the graveyard of forbidden delights