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POUR EVE, Dedicated to Eva Gaëlle Green (Gren), Leila Samarrai

Dedicated to Eva Gaëlle Green (Gren)

We the odd ones
We the selfsame ones
We are both
An ugly, broken thing.

Loosen the grip, o shocked goddess
femme recherché
Tis all in the foam
In thine shell

Adam’s member
is a snake which
sheds its skin
a maggot in a pink apple

I water the rage
With soft, tricked tears
Don’t cast your pearls
Before the phalluses

I depart for the graveyard of forbidden delights


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Poem 1 of the The Exorcise Trials: Leila Samarrai

Exorcise Trials

Poem 1



You dare to talk about the psyche?
You think I lack stamina for twenty-five push-ups?
What do you know of a woman?
Are you thinking of Psycho as Isolde
Or Juliet perhaps?
The ones who received Aphrodite’s curse
To be beautiful, but lonely?
She’s a vengeful bitch
But still so pretty…
Now go and look where her hands are…
I, The Goddess Of Yelling, I… scream
DIE and dumbbells drop
They call me Dame Judi Dench of the gym
I cut off The Venus’ limbs with my voice
Inside I’m just a few pieces of broken statue
I want to be like Aphrodite of Milo
To be sold to the French at a good price
If only some farmer from Melos had unearthed me
Like her, I’d be in the Louvre, beautiful and exposed
Instead I sweat and toil in a man-made gymnasium
Counting to ten over and over

Aphrodite de Milo:

Dear Sister

I have a part of the left hand and an apple
I am Eva, now, immovable
with lust in this boring paradise

That is my trial.